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We take pride in offering a diverse collection of Australian made jigsaw puzzles.  Designed to captivate puzzle enthusiasts with stunning imagery and attention to detail.  We aim to provide the best puzzle-solving experience that surpasses your expectations.  Our Australia themed photography puzzles will take you on a journey of beauty, creativity and relaxation.  Featuring contemporary photography, captivating landscapes and our iconic wildlife.  With a range of sizes; 1000 pieces, 500 and 260 for adults they make the perfect gifts.  Buy from our online shop today.

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Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Choices

Our Prints By Wallaby collection are proudly made in South-East Queensland.  Beginning with my photography to production by one of our leading puzzle makers.

We believe in preserving the beauty of Australia and protecting the environment.  That’s why all our puzzles are made using eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices.  We prioritise responsible sourcing, minimising waste, and reducing our carbon footprint.  When you buy our 100% Australian-made puzzles, you are supporting local manufacturing.  As well as a small local business.

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I recently completed the very beautiful “Bush Stone Curlew” by Prints by Wallaby.

This 500 piece is literally perfection in a box. The pieces are thick with a blue board backing. They showed absolutely no sign of damage or peeling. The satin finish on the surface is easy on the eyes as it cuts down on glare. There is very little dust with this brand.

The build itself was a lot of fun. I’d never done a circular puzzle before so that in itself made for an enjoyable experience. Piecing together a stunning photo of an equally stunning bird was of course the main event and didn’t disappoint. Sharon is without a doubt very talented with her camera.

After completing the “Bush Stone Curlew”, I’ve found a new appreciation for photography style puzzles. As an avid puzzler, they are usually not a style I gravitate towards. I can honestly say Prints by Wallaby are single-handedly responsible for changing my mind.


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