Purga Paradise Scenic Rim Qld Jigsaw


This Purga Paradise jigsaw will take you into the Aussie bush and the beautiful rural scenery that is found in the Scenic Rim, Queensland. You’ll find yourself singing; “Give me a home among the gum trees”, where the gumnuts fall.  All while you piece this jigsaw puzzle back together.

*Please note that image is a digital representation & actual jigsaw may vary slightly.


Scenic Rim

This jigsaw puzzle captures the beauty of a serene green rural Aussie bush landscape.  Showcasing the stand of gum trees that tower over the land.  And a babbling creek that winds its way through as cattle graze nearby. This idyllic scene from Purga at the edge of the Scenic Rim of Qld, is sure to transport you to a peaceful and tranquil setting.

Give Me A Home

As the famous song goes: “Give me a home among the gum trees,” and this bush puzzle does just that.  With every piece, you’ll feel closer to the paradise and serenity this landscape offers.  Keep your eyes peeled, you never know there could be a koala in those eucalyptus tree tops.

Puzzle Finish


Jigsaw Sizes

260 Piece, 500XL Piece


Prints By Wallaby


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