Time Traveller Antique Clock Puzzle


Time Traveller is a rustic collection of antique clocks and old suitcases to puzzle.  Featuring desk alarm and wall clocks from my late father-in-law’s collection set amongst an old Globite Travel port (suitcase).  Piecing together these beautiful antique clocks will add to the serenity of your puzzling experience.  Available in a range of sizes from 260 to 1000 pieces.  Premium quality photographic jigsaw puzzles.

*Please note that image is a digital representation & actual jigsaw may vary slightly.


Antique Clocks

The range include German made Peter and Kienzle Tam Tam to Westclox.  The 1930’s-40’s Cribb & Foote branded clock is a beautiful relic of Ipswich past and it’s obvious connection to the old Ipswich department store that existed for over 100 years.  The unique glass clocks in the back are a treasure too.  Most of these beauties were given to as fixer uppers and I’m sure they have been fixed.  A gentle turn of some had them ticking away nicely.

Clock Puzzle

Set aside a weekend.  And relax in to a mindful ‘me’ time with this beautiful image.  Once you have the pieces in front of you, you won’t be able to stop while you piece it back together.  Available in a range of sizes, including the unique cut 500 and 1000 pieces.  This is a quality product and one of our Australian made jigsaw puzzles.

Puzzle Finish


Jigsaw Sizes

1000 Piece, 500XL Piece, 260 Piece


Prints By Wallaby


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