Hey, I'm Sharon

As a photographer I enjoy capturing beautiful moments in time.  Especially with my husband and three growing teenagers.

I’m based in beautiful South East Queensland, in the Ipswich / Brisbane region.  Over the years, our family camping trips in our van have allowed me to explore.  Finding beautiful landscapes and the world of nature around us with my trusty camera in hand.  Many wonderful photo opportunities have touched my everyday travels as well.  I now want to share some of those with you.

The photography you see in the Prints By Wallaby shop is my own work.  In November 2021, I took the plunge starting this business.  And started transforming some of my images into beautiful Australian made jigsaw puzzles.  At the moment, my style is many and varied.  Whether it be;

My hope is that you will enjoy my images as much as I have enjoyed capturing them.  Thanks for stopping by.

About Prints By Wallaby. Jigsaw puzzles and photography prints from an Ipswich / Brisbane based photographer. In touch with nature from behind her camera.

Why Prints By Wallaby As A Name?

Ipswich Touch Football flag, Falcons Touch Footy at Jim Finimore Oval
Ipswich Touch Football Association and community - long-time player and committee member Sharon receiving life membership.

Well long story short, Wallaby is a nickname given to me in true mateship spirit long ago when I was playing touch football.

Ipswich Touch Football Days

For over 30 years the Ipswich Touch Football community have known me only as ‘Wallaby’. This was due to my long-time roles on the committees of both the Association and my club.

I did consider using my full name for my business name as many do.  But a surname that ends in “ski” is a hard name at any time of the day.  It strikes fear in to all who look at it, let alone try to pronounce it.  So hence Prints By Wallaby was born.

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