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Puzzle Features That Elevate The Standard

When it comes to jigsaw puzzles, quality reigns supreme. We understand your cravings for flawless pieces that seamlessly interlock. Our puzzle features provide an unrivalled sense of satisfaction. That’s why our jigsaw range is nothing less than exceptional. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, each puzzle piece meets this expectation.  Our range includes large pieces for seniors with the 500XL size.

Crafted from premium materials that are fully recyclable. The puzzle board is approx. 2mm thick, ensuring clean joins and durability. Images are printed on 250gsm sovereign silk satin semi-matte paper. Say goodbye to flimsy pieces and welcome the reliability of our jigsaw range. With their sturdy composition, our puzzles can withstand countless assembling and disassembling sessions. Making them perfect for both avid puzzlers and casual enthusiasts.


Our puzzles are produced locally. By one of the most environmentally conscious jigsaw puzzle manufacturers in the world. With a range of puzzle-boards, papers, inks, glues, and other components used. All have one or more certifications for being “green, eco & earth friendly, food & or toy safe”. Environmental and safety concerns are of the highest priority.

Puzzle Accreditations and Certifications

Eco Friendly

This certification spans the whole design and production cycle of the product. The logo certifies the producer as being environmentally friendly. It encourages manufacturers to produce less waste and CO2 throughout the manufacturing process. Hence promoting the circular economy.

Food Safe

Ensures that anyone handling our puzzle pieces are not handling carcinogenic or toxic materials. Children who may put puzzles pieces in their mouth are included.


Packaging with a coloured or opaque recycling sign indicates that it can be recycled in its current state. This label requires that every piece of packaging with it be put in the recycling bin individually.

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