Stunning Australian Landscape

Australian Landscape Jigsaw

Imagine looking out at a backyard like this everyday. This image embodies the typical Australian landscape. ‘Home among the gum trees’ pops instantly into my mind. And the plus, it is not very far from Brisbane.

Monday I had a dream job. I spent the morning at a very good friend’s family property. That job if you could call it that, was wandering around a paddock. Taking shots of this serene family camping spot and creek while the cattle grazed. And yes I have turned the images into a jigsaw. Two are now on their way to the family as birthday gifts.

It was such a peaceful morning, which is reflected in the finished image. The ‘Brahman’ cattle that were grazing threw me a quick glance every now and then. They were not very concerned with me at all. But inexperienced with cattle, as suggested I gave them their space. The cattle included a couple of young bulls as well as a few young calves. Wandering around eating their fill. A little more interested in them since hanging out in their paddock. I have since read they are an intelligent breed.

Australian Landscape Photography

As far as Australian landscapes go. This image reflects the serenity of camping in this great land of ours. Figuratively as well as literally, you view the scene and sky reflected in the calm creek. As you walk into this scene you follow the worn trail amongst the stand of gum trees. Right past the flying fox in the tree, down to the young calf and cow feeding down on the flat.

So when it came time to name this image, paradise was the first description that came to mind. And so ‘Purga Paradise’ is available to buy now in our online store. Check it out and snaffle yourself a copy for your games cupboard.

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