1 Rural Australian Landscape Jigsaw Complete

Rural Australia Jigsaw Customer Review

A little bit of rural Australia features in this Australian landscape jigsaw puzzle completed by a customer recently. In January puzzler Kate sent us in a shot showing her progress on the ‘Abandoned Farm Buildings’ jigsaw.  Last week she sent in an image of her completed jigsaw and posted a lovely customer review on the website as well.  Kate enjoyed and rose to the challenge of completing this jigsaw.

Rural Australia

Featured in the puzzle is an image of some rural old farm buildings long since abandoned. The gloominess of the clouds on the day adds an eerie feel to the image. It makes you wonder if perhaps it is a haunted farmhouse? The image was taken in the Ipswich area, Qld area in 2018. I’m so glad you enjoyed the challenge of the reconstructing this image Kate. I look forward to seeing which one you pick for your next challenge. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your images.

Oh and thanks to Hannah who purchased the jigsaw for Kate as a Christmas gift. If you’d like to purchase a puzzle as a gift, it is now easy with our digital gift cards. Pick from a range of puzzle sizes and then choose the gift card that suits your special occasion.

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