Introducing A Bright Spring Flora Jigsaw Puzzle

Spring Floral Jigsaw Puzzle

I felt a need for something bright with colour and joyful that screamed Spring. To me that meant lovely flora.  So recently I created and added the first floral jigsaw puzzle to the range.  It is available in the shop with sizes ranging from 260 pieces up to 1000 pieces of puzzle joy.  With the help of my husband, I’ve titled it ‘Bright Blooms‘.  Which is slightly better than my imaginative ‘Bright Flora’.  😉

The 1000 piece puzzle with a definite spring feel is shown here in completion with a new ‘unique’ pattern cut that our manufacturer is producing.

Unique Cut

This unique cut means that no two pieces are the same so there are no false fits.  Ultimately this makes for a puzzle that is more enjoyable for the puzzler to put together.  The unique cut is great for images which have larger areas of similar colours, shades and details.  I found it was such a nice feel as the pieces popped right in and you can tell instantly that it was the right piece.  Being unique cut however does not stop you from being able to sort similar shapes together and I was able to do that when needed.  All of our 1000 piece jigsaws will be using this unique pattern from now on, as will the 500XL pieces.

Back at the creation stage I had a bit of fun on the photo day with this puzzle.  I found I had more than a little help from our inquisitive 2yo Jack Russell Terrier.  Our boy was quite interested in smelling the flowers and trying to see if the leaves were tasty.  Thankfully he settled down to just watching me and being my sounding board as I set up the shot.  Which has been an idea I’ve had for quite a while and I was excited that it was finally all coming together.

Flora Jigsaw Puzzle

You can see the final piece going in at the completion of the puzzle in a short reel for Instagram that I created. Relax in to ‘me’ time with this beautiful puzzle and enjoy the serenity of piecing it together.

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